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Coaching Circles

Brassard, Charles. “Coaching Circles: Unleashing the Creative Power of the Group” (September, 2016)

Brassard, Charles. “Going Around in Circles” (March, 2002)

Brassard, Charles. “The Point of Coaching Circles” (October, 2008)

Leadership and Coaching

Brassard, Charles and Fiona Stott. “Look at Who’s Coaching: A Day in the Life of a Manager” (2003)

Brassard, Charles. “From Coach to Teacher” (Coaching World – International Coach Federation – May 2013)

Other Publications

This is a list of chapters in books we have contributed to

Brassard, Charles with Koriath, John, Using Communities of Practice to Extend Learning Beyond Classroom Walls, in “The Future of Executive Development”, Executive Development Associates (2004)

Brassard, Charles with Bolt, James F., Learning at the Top – How CEOs Set the Tone for the Knowledge Organization, in “Leading Organizational Learning”, Leader to Leader Institute, Jossey-Bass (2004)

Brassard, Charles, Learning in Action: Accelerating the Development of High Potential Executives in the Canadian Public Service, in “Action Learning Worldwide”, Global Executive Learning Network, Palgrave Macmillan (2002)


Coaching Circles

Facilitating Coaching Circles


Principe de coaching et de développement intégral (PCDI) – Survol
Formation des coachs professionnels (FCP) – Survol
Formation des coachs professionnels (FCP) – Détails

Sources of Inspiration


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