Team Breakthroughs

What capabilities do we develop?

We work with management and executive teams to build the capabilities they need to:

  • Navigate effectively through complexity and change;
  • Inspire and develop those who work with them to consistently produce remarkable results in a context that brings meaning to their lives; and,
  • Execute the strategic agenda of their organization.

Each team is unique in its makeup and dynamics as are the individuals in the team. Our work exposes the underlying structures, habits and reactions that limit team effectiveness and leverages their inherent strengths and qualities. In every case, we work to leave people more capable and competent in their individual and collective leadership roles and practices. We also seek to develop their ability to self correct and to grow by learning on a continuous basis thereby creating autonomy and resilience over the longer term.

How do we go about supporting needed change?

Typically, our work with teams involves a number of key elements:

  • An understanding of the strategic challenge facing the team within its broader business and leadership context;
  • A practical assessment of the current capabilities of the team to address the challenge, both in terms of individuals and the team as a whole;
  • A codesign process with the team that builds ownership and commitment for learning and development over the long term;
  • A development agenda and coaching program that immerses team members in made to measure learning experiences and leadership practices in a continuous spiral of action, reflection and learning;
  • Exploring ways to extend the capabilities and contribution of the team within the organization.

Recent examples of team initiatives

  • A global IT leadership team working to integrate their multifaceted mandate in more effective ways and to build their capacity for feedback, coaching and coordinated action.
  • A venture capital team working to enhance their impact and influence on the corporate boards on which they sit.
  • A corporate executive team working to develop their coaching and mentoring skills and the means to implement of a corporate wide program in these areas.
  • A newly formed regional executive team of a global organization working to create and embody highly effective leadership and management practices and to sponsor the same throughout their organization.
  • A top team working to enhance their capacity to leverage the full potential of their organization in terms of long term performance and people development.

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