Leaders for Change

Why is this program needed?

This program was created to support the goal of building a global winning organization across highly diverse operating environments, markets and leadership cultures. Central to meeting this goal was the opportunity to leverage and extend local capabilities while pursuing a steadfast drive for global efficiencies. From a leadership perspective, the challenge was to develop capabilities across the organization to bring about the needed shifts in lasting, practical and easily replicable ways.

What are we hoping to achieve?

Leaders for Change is designed to help leaders across all functions and regions to recognize and successfully address the adaptive challenges emerging at every level of the organization. Its key purpose is to enhance the capabilities of global leaders in supporting and enabling purposeful change in the organization, thereby contributing directly to the success of the business.

The program operates at three levels:

  • Individual Leader: Increased self awareness and mindfulness in responding promptly, thoughtfully and confidently to emerging complexity and change;
  • Organizational: Improved capability in interpreting the impact of external forces & trends into change imperatives for the business; and, increased effectiveness in working with and influencing top team members in pursuing the strategic priorities of the organization;
  • Community: Enhanced capacity for working across boundaries as a committed community of practice, one that shares knowledge and leadership best practices to support the success of the entire organization.

To support these outcomes, participants enhance their understanding of how people learn and grow and how organizations continuously evolve and change. They work on a number of specific abilities designed to support their role in leading change:

  • Observing and assessing how people and the organization behave and interact to discern patterns (perhaps previously unseen), and make connections that open ways of working more effectively;
  • Envisioning powerful outcomes, designing approaches and orchestrating interventions that mobilize people in making these outcomes a reality;
  • Working with and engaging peers and top teams in change efforts with confidence and credibility as insightful business contributors;
  • Managing conflicts and resistance by engaging in conversations that elicit trust, commitment as well as support and nurture intelligent risk taking, and;
  • Coaching people to broaden understanding of the requirement for change and to build capabilities that support the goals and business imperatives of the organization.

How is the program structured?

The participants on this programme are senior leaders from different functional areas in the company and come from a variety of end markets, regional and global functions. Leaders for Change fits into a broader approach to change management and leadership development for the whole organization.

The program uses an action learning approach where participants work on real life organizational, management and leadership issues. These issues or projects become a focus for learning and development and provide participants with a practice field for assessing and supporting a real change. It provides sponsors with insights and ideas to address issues and challenges in new and effective ways.

The program introduced models, frameworks, simulations and tools designed to stimulate new ways of understanding and managing change across the organization. Participants were supported between modules through oneonone coaching with programme leaders. They also worked and learned with their peers through coaching circles and research assignments.

The program is composed of 2 modules of 5 days each distributed over approximately 46 months. This means that participants have an opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to lead change successfully both as a community during the modules and as individuals back on the job.

  • Module 1- Leading Change from the Inside Out

    Leading Change from the Inside Out is designed to ground participants’ understanding of the dynamics of change at the individual level and to build upon that understanding to address some of the challenges of driving change and building capacities for change at the organizational level.

  • Module 2 – Leading System-wide Change

    Leading systemwide change takes participants to an end market for a deep dive into some of the most compelling organizational change issues and challenges facing the region. This provides a live laboratory within which to explore the dynamics of change in complex systems and the models, approaches and practices available to address them for maximum business impact. This module enables participants to integrate the insights and capabilities developed during the program and to articulate commitments they wish to make as inspired change leaders within the organization.

  • Sustained learning

    A number of individual and group activities are undertaken prior to and following each module. These are meant to develop and share new knowledge and insights around the topics of the programme as well as to anchor leadership skills into day to day practices.


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