Four Conversations for Remarkable Results

Why is this program needed?

This program was created in response to 3 major shifts affecting a large corporation:

  • Moving from a local autonomous organization to being a member of a large multinational organization with connections and responsibilities beyond traditional borders.
  • Moving from a top down central authority to a matrix organization working on the basis of mutual accountability.
  • Moving from uniformity in the nature and makeup of the organization to a more diverse and vibrant workforce.

What are we hoping to achieve?

Closely related to these shifts is the urgent need to awaken and enable the voice of leadership at all levels of the organization. This not only involves building a capacity for people to take ownership of the changes needed to make the business sustain its success over the long term but also evoking a sense of wonder at the depth of courage and creativity available within people to take this journey. The program is therefore seen as a means to:

  • Increased self awareness and mindfulness in responding promptly, thoughtfully and confidently to emerging complexity and change.
  • Explore the challenges facing the organization in times of rapid and complex changes.
  • Develop the skills needed to develop innovative and powerful ways of meeting these challenges head–on.
  • Build a common leadership language and practice to provide confidence and competence to navigate the future.

How is the program structured?

The program targets all managers and supervisors throughout the organization (1,800 people). This twoday workshop falls within the continuum of a larger development initiative involving company executives at one end and the general workforce at the other.  Key elements of the program include:

  • Self Knowledge

    Improving the capacity for self awareness and self management through the exploration and application of relevant assessment models.

  • Mutual Trust and Respect

    Discovering practical ways to create mutual trust and respect as a foundation for achieving remarkable results.

  • The Four Conversations

    Enhancing the capacity for coordinating action through the practice of critical conversation skills.

    Conversation for Feedback:
    The ability to transfer and share information and communicate openly and honestly in a shared commitment to learning and longterm excellent performance.

    Conversation for Confrontation:
    The ability to resolve breakdowns and disagreements in a skilful way.

    Conversation for Alignment:
    The ability to formulate clear and powerful requests of each other and to make achievable promises and commitments that can fulfill the requests made.

    Conversation for Coaching:
    The ability to engage in conversations that help the people around us to grow effectively.

  • Declaration

    Creating a collective declaration (i.e. Leadership Manifesto) to empower people in their jobs to express and uphold the values, best practices, commitments and requests that lead to remarkable results.

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