What we mean by leading?

There are mysteries to be embraced! In every organization there are inexplicable and powerful dynamics that shape culture and outcomes.  It’s important to know what matters most to people, what enlivens them, and what makes it possible for discrete parts of a system to meld somehow into one powerful and cohesive whole.

And there are problems to be fixed!  While the mysteries of organizational life unfold, attention must also be focused on ensuring the best tools and processes are available, increasing systemic agility, getting answers quickly, measuring progress, and demonstrating the results promised.

To us, leaders have the ability to learn their way through problems to new solutions because the responses of the past will not necessarily work in the future. The challenge is to draw upon the wisdom and knowledge of experience while asking provocative and powerful questions. This means seeking ways to reframe what is occurring from a place of abundance, curiosity, savvy, and possibility. It is about designing innovative solutions while staying open and alert to emerging, unexpected choices that may provide still better outcomes.

What does it take to be this kind of leader? One fundamental truth of leadership is the important task of inspiring and developing people so that they consistently produce remarkable results in a context that brings meaning to their lives. We see effective leaders as people who combine the following capabilities:

  • They are clear about what matters to them and constantly seeks opportunities to learn about themselves
  • They are self-aware and self-correcting in the midst of taking action
  • They create and maintain healthy relationships based on mutual trust, respect and freedom of expression
  • They understand the world they live in and how to get things done

Ultimately, leadership is a personal journey that has little to do with one’s title or role. In this context leadership is the capacity and commitment to take full responsibility for one’s own reactions to life and the ability to create a way-of-being in the world that is useful and meaningful.


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