Convivium Coaching School

Under Convivium, we offer public enrolment courses in French through our partnership with New Ventures West. While our classes are in French, students can receive all materials for the class in English, do their reading and class work in English, as well as receive their feedback in English.

Our boutique school was established in 2009 and is affiliated with New Ventures West (NVW). NVW has been a pioneer in the field of coaching and integral development since 1986, training coaches and teachers from around the world, and offering courses in the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Asia and Canada. At Convivium, we offer a unique learning experience focusing both on mastering the integral development methodology and our growth and development as human beings. We support our students in revealing and expressing their authentic self and in awakening what is most meaningful and powerful in their clients.

The integral development approach is central to what we do. Through it, we support the development of the knowledge, wisdom, compassion and consciousness needed to flourish in our own lives and to support others in doing so.  The integral approach helps people develop the competencies they need to perform and to achieve goals in the key domains of their lives.  In doing so, it includes the mind, the heart and the body as integral dimensions of the development process.

Our courses are led by Charles Brassard, a graduate of New Ventures West. Charles has an active and diverse coaching practice, both individual and organizational, that span private and public sectors around the world. Hi is also a senior faculty member with New Ventures West. Charles invests deeply and continuously in his own professional and personal development. This commitment translates into a profound compassion and sensitivity toward the people he works with as well as a contagious enthusiasm for his role as teacher and coach. He is supported in this work by an amazing team of accredited coaches, each deeply engaged in their own development and their work as professional coaches. Our community is connected to a vast network of coaches and leaders active around the world in all sectors of society.


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