One on One Coaching

How we approach coaching

Sometimes people and organizations get stuck amidst the changes that constantly shape their existence. They need to make sense of where they stand and to see new possibilities on the path that lies ahead. Working with a professional coach can provide powerful ways to understand these challenges and to embody this learning into practical and effective action.

To us, coaching is an integrative process that involves the whole person. It is also a collaborative process that creates opportunities for people to learn, grow and reach their potential. Coaching provides a way for people to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions. This enables them to create the future they want for themselves, their organization or their community.

Mutual trust, respect and freedom of expression provide the cornerstone for this collaboration between coach and clients.  We also share an unrelenting commitment to produce long term, excellent performance.

Through face to face meetings and other approaches, we first assess the ways that clients speak and act in the context of what they want to work on. We then customdesign a program that creates changes and builds competence in needed areas. The integration of this new learning into their work and private lives is based on a combination of selfobservation exercises, practices, ongoing feedback and key external resources. The coaching program includes an agreement on measurable, timebound results. The coaching relationship culminates in a demonstration of these results and in clients being able to correct and improve themselves on a continuous basis.

We work according to a professional code of ethics. We are lifelong learners, continuously improving our competence as coaches through a number of professional development activities in domains related to human development. As certified integral coaches, we are required to renew our certification yearly by demonstrating that we have invested in our ongoing professional development in the field of coaching and integral development.

Code of Ethics

The bond between coach and client can be a powerful foundation for the mutual benefit and development of both parties. At the same time, the trust and openness central to the coaching relationship can be exploited consciously or unconsciously by coaches who often become very powerful people in the lives of their clients. As coaches we must always be on our guard to avoid any exploitation or harm we may bring to our clients, and it’s in that spirit that we wholeheartedly embrace and endorse this code of ethics.

The Code

In order to protect the safety and well being of my clients as well as the integrity of my profession, I fully commit to the following code of ethics.

I will only use my coaching relationships to further the intentions expressed in the coaching program. Consequently, I will not initiate, encourage, invite, support or engage in any sexual relationship of any form with my clients.

I will facilitate my clients in making choices that support their well being and intentions and will not influence them in any way to take actions that are contrary to their values, standards, or personal boundaries.

I will maintain strict confidentiality in my coaching relationships and will only share the content of these relationships when requesting help, input or coaching from qualified people who agree to keep the information confidential.

I will responsibly complete and disengage myself from any coaching relationship in which I find that I am not competent to serve my client or in which I am not upholding this code of ethics.

I will actively seek the support of my peers in upholding my ethics, reviewing my work, and improving my competence as a coach.

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