Consulting Services

We work with corporate sponsors on strategies and means to create a vibrant coaching culture within their organization. In this context, we design and develop corporate wide coaching training programs, systems, standards and processes, including for the sourcing of certified coaches. We also support the development of internal coaches, through our Coaching Mastery course and the mentoring of new coaches. We have found that this combined approach ensures that coaching permeates the leadership culture of the organization and generates measurable benefits for the business.

Recent examples of how we have supported clients include:

  • Developing a coherent coaching approach and policy for a large organization and identifying the steps needed to embed coaching at the management and executive levels.
  • Creating a multifaceted coaching strategy and implementing the related standards, processes and programs needed to implement it.
  • Creating a workshop for human resources and organizational development professionals to assist them in introducing and using coaching as a process in their organization and to enhance their ability to lead the development and delivery of related programs.
  • Designing and developing a train the trainer program to build an internal capacity for coaching and for delivering basic coaching workshops at all levels of the organization.

Contact us to explore how we could support your organization in making coaching an integral part of your management and executive development agenda or if you simply wish to address an urgent need related to coaching.

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