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At the center of our work is a rich image of the developing human being: complex in the multitude of variables that shape us, similar in our predictable stages of development, and unique in how we each see the world and express our identity. Our philosophy and approach to coaching is therefore based on an ontological understanding of human beings.  It is also integral.  First, this means that we draw from a number of different sources and bodies of knowledge to create our programs.  Second, this means we work with our multiple centres of our intelligence (head, heart, body, spirit) in supporting peoples’ growth and development.  This enables participants to understand themselves and others from a myriad of perspectives and to coach their employees, colleagues or clients on the basis of powerful assessments, distinctions and developmental work. Our coaching courses and faculty embody this approach in the context of rich experiential learning environments.

 Courses for organizations

Coaching With CARE (2 days)

A two day course offered to organizations to develop the basic coaching conversation skills of employees, managers and executives. This course is also offered in formats of smaller durations depending on the needs of organizations.

This two day course provides participants with a rich learning experience designed to improve their effectiveness as leaders and managers through the art of coaching. The course is highly practical, combining some theory with the development of key coaching skills and many opportunities to experience coaching in real ways. The purpose of the course is to improve peoples’ competence as coaches. Five specific outcomes support this broader purpose.

Participants will:

  1. Understand the role of coaching in leading performing teams.
  2. Enhance a basic set of skills that will allow you to coach others effectively.
  3. Clearly understand the different phases of coaching by applying the CARE model.
  4. Understand your own strengths and development needs as a coach.
  5. Create a community of practice for coaching in your organization.

Leader as Coach ( 6 months )

This course was created to help managers and executives improve their competence to lead and to develop others in order to achieve superior levels of performance in their organization. It comes from a belief at all levels in the organization that people are its most important asset, and investing in their personal and professional growth is critical to the long term success of the business.

The specific outcomes of the course are:

  • Participants will be more skilful in observing themselves and in building their capacity to lead and learn in the midst of complexity and continuous change.
  • Participants will be more powerful in using language to get things done and to create breakthroughs in their organization.
  • Participants will be more effective in coordinating their actions with others and in aligning these actions to the strategic priorities of the organization.
  • The coaching efforts of participants will support people in their growth and in achieving remarkable results in their work.

The course is comprised of a series of 3 workshops over a six month period and a number of related activities and practices that support integration on the job.

Custom Courses

We design and deliver custom coaching programs to meet the specific needs of organizations. We sometimes blend our work with the coaching methodologies already in place within organizations. We also design learning experiences to support people in acquiring different levels of proficiency in coaching and teaching others within their organizations.

Contact us if you wish to bring any of these courses to your organization.

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