Train as a Facilitator-Coach

We have trained over 300 Facilitator-Coaches over the past 15 years. We regularly offer public enrolment programs in French, English or in bilingual format. We maintain a list of applicants and offer programs when enough people express an interest.

We also regularly work within organizations to build the capabilities they need to launch and manage coaching circles on their own. In these cases, workshops participants all belong to the same organization.

Facilitator-Coach Training Programs

Read about our different training programs to support the development of Facilitator-Coaches.

Our New Online Facilitator-Coach Training Goes live in 2017!

Coaching Circles combine the power of action learning and integral development coaching to support people in creatively tackling their challenges while developing their coaching skills.

Find out how you can quickly expand the reach and payback of your coaching practice by designing and facilitating Coaching Circles.

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The Foundation Workshop

This is a three-day workshop in which participants are introduced to the principles and methods of coaching circle and apply them in an actionlearning environment. Each day of the workshop is held a few weeks apart to enable participants to work on their project or challenge on the job. Participants gain experience as members of a coaching circle while learning and practicing the role of facilitator and coach. Upon completing the workshop, participants have the ability to lead coaching circles in their own organization.

The workshop produces the following results for participants:

  • Understand the principles, practices and dynamics of coaching circles through participation in a real peer group.
  • Make tangible progress in advancing the project or challenge they bring to the group.
  • Are more competent to facilitate a coaching circle.
  • Know what is needed to develop their strengths and overcome limitations in working with others as an effective facilitator.

Registration is usually limited to six people per workshop.

COST PER PERSON: $1,500.00 + applicable taxes


Advanced Workshop

The Advanced Workshop provides experienced Facilitator-Coaches with powerful distinctions and tools as well as a practice field for integrating coaching dimension more effectively into the coaching circle experience. This two day workshop builds on what participants learned in the foundation workshop and in their work to date in leading groups by truly emphasizing and integrating the coaching dimension into the coaching circles experience. The workshop provides a powerful combination of distinctions and opportunities for dialogue and practice to enhance your impact as a leader of coaching circles.

The workshop produces the following results for participants:

  • Better understand and exploit the key elements of coaching circles that contribute to its success.
  • Are more powerful in leading circles through the synergy of facilitation and coaching.
  • Are in a position to better support the leadership development of circle members.
  • Are able to use creative new ideas to address some of the challenges you are facing as a learning coach.

Registration is usually limited to 30 people per workshop. We maintain a list of people interested in this workshop and guarantee registration once the workshop dates are confirmed. Completing the Foundation Workshop is a prerequisite for this class.

COST PER PERSON: $795.00 + applicable taxes

Contact us if you wish to learn more or register for these workshops.

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