Join the Facilitator-Coach Network

The Facilitator-Coach network is a community of practice for people active in leading action learning groups and coaching circles who share an interest in and commitment to:

  • Exploring and inquiring about their practice;
  • Learning together from their experiences;
  • Developing their competence as practitioners;
  • Influencing and advancing the state of the art; and
  • Extending their knowledge and action to other dimensions of their work.

The explicit purpose of the Facilitator-Coach Network is therefore to support the professional development and success of its members.

What a membership gets you:

  1. Stimulating dialogues and practical ideas that can be applied in your work by participating in a series of online discussion groups.
  2. Access to the collective intelligence of trusted peers through continuous access to the Facilitator-Coach Network private space on the coaching circles web site (
  3. Exposure to leading edge thinking and resources, including peer coaching amongst members of the Network.
  4. Nurturing relationships and friendships you can tap into to support your ongoing work and new endeavors (limitless!).

Membership to the Facilitator-Coach Network is limited to 30 people in order to ensure quality participation and dialogue. You can make a request to join the Network (via a private group on Facebook) once you have completed our facilitator-coach training, either the 3 day live class or the online class.

COST PER MEMBERSHIP: Free (with completion of training)

Contact us for information about becoming a member of the Learning Coach Network.

Coaching Circles® is a registered trademark of Impact Coaching Inc.

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