Join a Coaching Circle

Where can I join?

We maintain a list of managers and executives who wish to experience coaching circle by joining peers from other public, private or voluntary sector organizations. We help to connect candidates and form coaching circles that will work together over various periods of time. Our goal is to bring together candidates from diverse backgrounds that share leadership or management roles of similar complexity.

How do I know if this is for me?

The candidates that will best benefit from this program will be those that can describe their current reality as follows:

  • Having the potential to impact their organization in significant ways, i.e. working in a context that supports the achievement of remarkable results in and beyond their own area of responsibility
  • Operating in a complex environment, i.e. the breadth and depth of issues and decisions faced by leaders are inherent to their roles and responsibilities
  • Working with a broad span of influence, i.e. leaders have opportunities to mobilize energy and action across multiple system levels, roles, parts and channels
  • Having a depth of experience, i.e. possessing a diversity of learning and life experiences and having the opportunity to leverage them across systems

We know that the presence of one or more of these conditions will provide a rich and textured backdrop from which meaning can be made, new knowledge created and breakthroughs can occur as part of the coaching circle experience.

Contact us if you wish to join a coaching circle near you. This program is available in the Ottawa / Montreal area

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