Get a Facilitator-Coach

We have had considerable success in introducing coaching circles to intact management and executive teams as well as to other interdisciplinary peer groups or networks. Coaching circles strengthen teams because they make it possible for members to show up in their full humanity; this creates greater understanding, compassion and the capacity to elicit their full contribution to the success of the team.

If you belong to such a team or network, you will find that this technology will add considerable value to your work together while honing skills and qualities that will significantly improve your contribution and relationships on the job. We often supplement our role as Facilitator-Coach with one on one coaching for team or network members outside of their dedicated time as a coaching circle.

We have trained a large cadre of Facilitator-Coaches in Canada and abroad who can support teams and peer networks in both English and French. We can match you with the Facilitator-Coach best suited to your circumstances and development goals.

Here is what the Facilitator-Coach provides to members of coaching circles:

  • An understanding of the principles and practices that make coaching circle work and thrive;
  • A commitment to learning, development and leadership action that extends beyond the boundaries of the coaching circle; and,
  • Practical experience that allows the process to be both efficient and responsive to the emerging needs of the circle and its members.

Contact us if you wish to explore this opportunity.

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