Embed Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are a powerful technology in the learning and development agenda of any organization or as an integral part of executive or management development programs they deliver.  Our experience in leading coaching circles for years in both the private and public sectors points to a number of key insights:

  • Coaching circles are a relatively low cost alternative to one on one coaching programs, yet, they effectively support people in their development and leadership role in a dynamic, challenging and safe setting.
  • Within larger programs, coaching circles offer an exclusive vantage point from which to observe program participants in action and to provide just in time development feedback.
  • The learning and coaching skills developed by peers inside circles also enhances the quality of their involvement in other parts of the program, i.e. through greater capacity for  listening, questioning, dialogue, and feedback.
  • Coaching circles create momentum for action and learning especially when held at regular intervals between more formal learning sessions or modules associated with a program (even through teleconferences).
  • Coaching circles create enduring networks of people that support each other in their leadership practices over time, often well beyond the formal boundaries of the development program that brought them together.


We have considerable experience in embedding coaching circles in organizations and/or the development programs they sponsor. Here are some examples of the way in which coaching circles were used:

  • In a three day new business leaders program, participants form coaching circles and use their air time successively during different portions of the Program thereby incorporating new knowledge and insights into the circle process as they emerge.
  • As part of a three day leadership development program, team members are trained in the coaching methodology to support their participation in coaching circles during and beyond the program.
  • Coaching circles are introduced at the beginning of a year long leadership program and convene during each module as well as between modules.
  • During a weeklong leadership experience, groups of 6-7 participants form coaching circles for an intensive three hour session where they quickly learn and successfully apply a condensed version of the process (Coaching circles on the fly) which they can replicate following the program.
  • Coaching circles are used as an integral part of business driven action learning programs to help build coaching skills that will be applied in the program and to intensify the development focus at the individual level.

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