What we mean by coaching?

Coaching starts from the premise that each one of us encounters reality in our own unique ways. How the world shows up for us as we face the challenge of the moment determines our field of vision and possible actions. It is heavily biased with our own beliefs and interpretations shaped over years of trial and error.  In other words, the narratives we live into have produced our own sense of identity and our conditioned responses to life unfolding.

Coaching is a process that leads to the exploration and embodiment of new ways of being for the client so that they can respond to life in more competent, creative and meaningful ways.  It encourages experimentation and practice towards meeting specific outcomes and cements learning in new structures of interpretation and narratives. Coaching therefore provides a highly tailored context for development, meeting individuals in the fullness of their own humanity and potentiality.

The coach plays a strong role helping the client better understand their usual way of doing things and evoking new possible ways of bringing about the desired changes in their life. This is done in a way that supports clients in finding their own solutions and to retain responsibility for the learning process and its outcomes. The aim is to create a capacity in the client for long term excellent performance, for self correction and for learning on their own on a continuous basis.

Coaching draws from a number of key foundations of theory and research that combined make it such a powerful vehicle for growth and development, namely pragmatism, linguistics, biology, ontology, adult development theory and integral theory.


  • Coaching Circles

    A small group of peers coaching each other to creatively meet the challenges and opportunities they face.

  • Coaching Courses

    A suite of public offerings and corporate programs that build practical coaching skills.

  • One on One Coaching

    Access to a cadre of professional and dedicated coaches to support managers and executives in their development.

  • Consulting Services

    The strategies and means to create a vibrant coaching culture within your organization.


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