Online learning course – Facilitating Coaching Circles – Coming February 2018

This online course will be offered to help coaches, OD practitioners, learning specialists and facilitators bring this proven and powerful technology to their organization or their clients in very cost-effective ways. Here is what coaching circles achieve:

  • They support the excellent long-term performance and development of individuals and teams.
  • They generate powerful breakthroughs in addressing the leadership and management challenges they face.
  • They create a safe and stimulating environment for people to learn and grow.
  • They support the development of critical coaching skills.
  • They extend the reach and benefits of coaching in the organizations your work in.

What this course is about

Coaching circles combine the power of action learning and integral development to support leaders in creatively tackling the challenges they face while practicing the coaching skills they need on the job. Coaching circles are typically composed of a small group of people, managers or leaders who meet at regular intervals. During these meetings, each person successively uses their own airtime to present their issue or challenge and to receive coaching from the rest of the group. The role of the learning coach is to create an environment where everyone in the group benefits from this interaction through the powerful new actions they identify in relation to their challenge, the coaching skills they develop and the practical insights they take back to their job.

This course is designed for those who wish to create coaching circles and lead them effectively as Facilitator-coaches. It describes what coaching circles are all about, how they work and what promise they hold for the development of people and organizations. The course presents the core concepts underlying coaching circles. It offers key distinctions regarding the role of the Facilitator-coach throughout all phases in the life of a coaching circle. Finally, the course provides tips, tools and practices to support Facilitator-coaches in the different situations they will encounter when leading a group.

Impact Coaching Inc. has trained coaches, organizational development professionals and other human development specialists for over 15 years in the design and facilitation of Coaching Circles. This technology quickly expands the reach and payback of coaching in organizations and extends the benefits derived from leadership and management development programs. Coaching circles and individual coaching also work in tandem to deepen the learning experience and practice of managers and leaders.

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