Fiona Stott

I offer my services as a professional coach and consultant in the areas of learning and development.  I use coaching as a foundation in creating and facilitating learning events and processes which help individuals and teams improve their long term performance and personal effectiveness, develop their capacity to coach others and, learn on a continuous basis.

My 22 year career spans the public, private and not for profit sectors where I applied my expertise to the design, development and management of programs and activities in support of educational, environmental, fundraising and public relations objectives. I have been working in the area of executive and leadership development for ten years, supporting a broad range of Canadian government departments and agencies as well as business clients around the world.  I also collaborate regularly with the Global Executive Leadership Network on Business Driven Action Learning initiatives and with Convivium/New Ventures West as a faculty member in their professional coaching school that provides coach training in French and English in the Ottawa-Montreal area

Prior to aligning with Impact Coaching Inc. in 2007 I was with the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) where for five years I was involved in the design and development of a variety of learning programs and events intended to meet the strategic objectives of Canada’s federal public service.  In my most recent position, I managed their Living Leadership Executive Excellence Program, an 18month program aimed at enhancing the capabilities and leadership effectiveness of high potential public service managers and executives.

I hold a B.Sc. in Biology and Geography from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada and have received extensive professional education in the field of adult learning, human development and coaching. I am a certified professional coach and a graduate of numerous mastery level coaching programs offered through accredited schools with the International Coach Federation.

I have participated on certification panels for new coaches and have contributed to a number of workshops on topics related to executive learning, development and coaching. I am also a recognized leader of peer coaching cirles, a methodology that enables managers and executives to learn and use coaching skills to support each other as part of a small group (or circle) led by a learning coach to address the complex challenges they face in their leadership role.

I share my life with my husband Charles and I have two wonderful stepdaughters who reside in Montreal.  While our travels take us far and wide, our home in rural Quebec is where we love to gather energy, ideas, family and friends.

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