Charles Brassard

Who am I…for now? This is both an existential question and a very practical one as I ponder my own sense of identity and purpose at this stage of my life. I have always been fascinated by these kinds of inquiries. This probably comes from the belief that knowing my Self can only happen through knowing the world around me. Not surprisingly, I graduated with a MA in geography, my window to the physical and social world. The impulse to discover, experiment and play came at a young age and still guides my life. I am deeply curious about human beings, how we grow, change and live the life we are given. This curiosity extends to how we live together and how we manage to get things done (or not) within the different systems we inhabit, e.g. our families, organizations, communities.

My current work as a professional integral development coach with individual leaders, teams and organizations provides ample opportunity for exploring these issues and for helping people develop ways of being and doing that are more effective and meaningful in their lives. The work I do to design and build programs to meet these needs at all levels of organizations is deeply satisfying. I constantly learn and draw from multitude sources of knowledge, wisdom and the teachers in my life for my inner work and to empower others for their own learning journey. This calling feels true and inspiring as I continue to make my way in the world.

Prior to starting my own coaching and executive development practice sixteen years ago, I enjoyed the diverse opportunities I had to work as a manager and executive in large private and public sector organizations over a period of eighteen years. I contributed to the development of new policies, programs and regulations in the economic, natural resources, international relations and environmental sectors. I completed my career at the Canadian Centre for Management Development after leading a wonderful team of innovators at the inception of the world class Accelerated Executive Development Program, an initiative to accelerate the development and career advancement of high potential executives in the Public Service of Canada.

I share my life in the Ottawa and Montreal areas with my wife Fiona. My two amazing daughters live in Montreal with their respective partners where they all work. I love spending time with them as well as with the close friends I play with and collaborate with. I thrive in nature as well as in cities and I have the amazing opportunity to explore a variety of environnements and cultures around the world every year through my work and personal interests.

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